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Shanghai Heat Transfer for the tenth anniversary celebration
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On December 31, 2016, Shanghai Bandex Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. held the 10th anniversary celebrations on the theme of "Ten Years of Hardworking and Creating Success" at Jinshan District Cultural Center.
During the ten years from 2006 to 2016, the company has been leading the development of industry with endless technological progress. It has been working side by side with outstanding domestic and foreign companies and has grown into a leading domestic and international first-class quality solution system integration in the field of heat exchange. Business
Thanks to the support and trust of new and old customers from different industries over the past ten years to our company, Shanghai Board will make every effort to develop and apply each new product thanks to your inspiration and to your full cooperation; even the smallest Is also the result of our close cooperation and continuous improvement. At the same time, thanks to the staff and family members accompanied by ten years, you are the birth of the company, growth has paid hard sweat!