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Welded Plate Heat Exchanger

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T&P Plate Heat Exchanger

The plate pack is welded together with automatic welding machine, and the complete plate pack is welded within a shell, which could be opened for mechanical cleaning. The unique designed channel structure ensure no mixture or leakage of fluid will happen. T & P plate heat exchanger has the advantage of plate & frame heat exchanger like high heat transfer and compact structure, also the advantage of tubular heat exchanger like high pressure and high temp. resistance. It can replace tubular heat exchanger in some special process. T&P plate heat exchanger has been widely used in petrochemical, power plant, metallurgy, HVAC, food and pharmacy industry.

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Technical parameter
Design Temp.:     -196C ~ 900C
Design pressure:  vacuum ~ 6.0MPa
Surface area:      <15000㎡
Plate thickness:  0.6~1.5mm